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Nevada Alliance Soccer League, League Sponsorship
LEAGUE SPONSOR - $7,500 / Season
Becoming a League Sponsor is the ultimate way to show your support to a non-profit organization rooted in creating a positive outlet for the next generation. Not only does organized athletics teach our youth structure and commitment, it also helps to encourage an active lifestyle. Show your support by becoming the official League Sponsor.

Emails | Flyers (5,000) | Posters (500) | Uniforms (500) | Equipment | Website

Nevada Alliance Soccer League, Uniform Sponsorship
UNIFORM PARTNER - $150 / Team / Season
Show the community that your company cares...one uniform at a time. All 500 NASL players receive jersey tops, bottoms and socks each season.

Uniforms (500) | Emails | Website

Nevada Alliance Soccer League, Equipment Sponsorship
EQUIPMENT PARTNER - $2,500 / Season
The climate in Las Vegas makes it difficult to preserve outdoor soccer equipment for more than a few seasons. With your help, we can continually supply our players with safe and functional equipment each season.

Equipment | Emails | Website

Nevada Alliance Soccer League, League Supporters
LEAGUE SUPPORTER - $100 or $250 or $500
You don't have to be a business to show your support to NASL. Individuals can help make a difference by becoming a League Supporter. A modest monetary donation will go a long way.


Nevada Alliance Soccer League, League Partners
If a monetary donation is outside of your means, feel free to contact us with your idea for a mutually benefiting partnership. Whether it's in-kind trade or a cross-promotional opportunity, we are always interested in creative partnerships that can help improve the league for it's players, coaches and parents.

Nevada Alliance Soccer League, League Partners
Resources - Coupons and Discounts - $30 / Month
Make your business available throughout the year by offering coupons and discounts to all Alliance registrants. Your coupon will be placed on the resources page of the website for all to use. Your generosity will go a long way and entice more people to walk through your doors.


Nevada Alliance Soccer League, League Partners
Email Exposure - $200 / Each
The power of emails! 56% of people who purchase products say they received the message via email. If you are looking to directly connect with participants, become an Alliance partner and utilize our email database to send your message.


Nevada Alliance Soccer League, League Partners
Vendor or Coupon Distribution - $100 / Each
What better way to connect with people than in-person... Set-up a table, booth or just hand out coupons to Alliance families and get your name out there. This is your chance to leave an impression on someone and drive people to your place of business.

500+ weekly attendees

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