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Alliance Soccer League coaches are considered our most valuable resource. Coaching education classes are offered free of charge prior to each season. We are always looking to increase and improve our coaching base. Please sign up if you are interested in becoming a head or assistant coach.

All coaches are subject to a state background check.
Do you need to register your team? You can register between 4 and 10 players at once with our simple payment form. If your parents pay individually, please contact us for a promo code to use in the registration process. You can also save $10 per player if you provide your own team uniform.
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In consideration of and in return for, membership in the United States Youth Soccer of  Nevada (USYSNV), the undersigned coach, manager and/or other adult officials (if any)  of the team, hereby agree as follows:
  1. That we have read the constitution and bylaws of our affiliated league and that we will  fully comply with the rules, regulations, bylaws and the decisions of the league administrators  and officials.
  2. That we will assume full responsibility for compliance by team members with the  aforesaid constitution,  bylaws, rules, regulations and decisions.
  3. That we will fully comply with the rules and regulations of USYSNV and abide by   decisions of the Board of Directors of USYSNV.
  4. That it is understood and agreed that your failure to read and/or comprehend any of  the provisions of the aforesaid constitution, bylaws, rules, regulations and  decisions shall not excuse noncompliance therewith.
  5. That we, or any member of the team, shall not invoke the aids of the courts of any  State or the United States without first exhausting all available remedies,  including Protest and Appeal, through the league, the USYSNV and any other  regular channels of organized soccer. Regular channels of organized soccer  shall include the United States Youth Soccer (USYS) and the United States Soccer  Federation (USSF). In the event, we or any member of the team shall violate the  terms of this paragraph, we agree to pay for any and all costs, expenses and attorneys'  fees incurred by the USYSNV and/or the league in defending against any such  premature action, at any time while coaching for the USYSNV.
  6. That the coach shall be solely responsible for the conduct of the team members  during all team activities, including but not limited to: games, practices,  travel, board and lodging weather or not said activities occur under the  sponsorship of USYSNV or the league with which the team is affiliated.  The coach shall also promote the goals and standards of USYSNV and the league  by using his/her best efforts to encourage a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship  among members of the team.
  7. That as used in this Agreement, and as deemed appropriate by USYSNV and/or league  officials, the singular shall include the plural and the plural shall  include the singular.
  8. I am consenting to the use of the registrants name and any photographic  images of the registrant in marketing, advertising and/or promotion of the  youth soccer by FIFA, USYS, USYSNV and any affiliated league.
Dated this 6th Day of October , 2015
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